Cover / awning fabrics.

To produce long lasting and easy to maintain exterior protection covers we use the material Stamoid.
Stamoid is made of a high-strength polyester thread and feature a specific coating formulation for unmatched performance in the Maritime environment.


Multi Layer composite


No deformation during installation or usage 5 year guarantee. No alteration of the color in time because of solution dyed coating
Specific formulation of the surface coating leads to long lasting conservation of aesthetics and strength and makes the material easy to maintain.

Maintenance; Regular maintenance of your covers following the below recommendations keeps your covers looking like new. Stamoid materials are foreseen with a high-quality coating, Nano top anti-capillarity treatment and other surface treatments. They have several dirt barriers that extend their service life. For a complete cleaning we advise to use the detergent Serge Ferrari cleaner 500.

For varnished surfaces Telstar Marine developed the stamoid material including a fleece padding to avoid scratching. For more information about this product please see our webshop.

Cleaning recommendations

If you want your cockpit covers, bimini tops, dodgers, seat covers and solar protection screens to keep the best aspect as long as possible, it is essential to follow the cleaning instructions below.
Cleaning should be done according to frequency of use and exposure of the product. We recommend regular cleaning, at least four times a year, to clear out dirt caused by atmospheric pollution.
For wooden boats, in order to avoid any migration risks, it is essential to avoid all contact between the coated side of the fabric and the boat’s protective wood varnish.

1 – Spread the fabric out on a flat surface. Dampen the fabric with clear water. Spray on Serge Ferrari Cleaner 500 or add a diluted solution of non-agressive liquid soap.
2 – Leave to act for 2 or 3 minutes according to degree of dirt.
3 – Use a natural bristle brush to brush out to the edges.
4 – Rinse with a lot of clear water to remove all traces of the soapy solution.
If the product comes in contact with other materials, rinse immediately.
5 – In case of severe dirt and grime, repeat the cleaning process.
6 – Repeat steps 1 to 3 on the reverse side of the fabric.
7 – Hang up the Stamoid fabric and leave until completely dry.
8 – As soon as the fabric is completely dry, you can put it back in place to protect your boat.

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