Cushion foam.

Cushion foam excists in lots of different densities and qualities. Foam that can be used indoor and special foam for outdoor use.

Outdoor foam

This type of foam is specially developed to be used outdoor.
The Outdoor foam won’t absorb any water unlike any other polyurethane foam. It dries almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing or other forms of moisture and humidity. The large and open pores of the Outdoor foam allow a maximum of water drainage and air circulation so that the cushions can be used quickly after being wet or even saturated.

The outdoor foam will dry very fast and will not develop any mildew. However, mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances.

Day to day advise for exterior foam

• Do not cover the cushions with the protection cover when the cushions are still wet or humid/damp. Only cover them up when they are fully dry.
• Make sure the cushions are always stored underneath a cover that gives enough ventilation to the cushion and the foam. A good ventilation is crucial to the durability of the cushion.
• If the ventilation is not enough or when, for example, the drainage system of some seating areas are not sufficient for big rain showers, we can advise you to place a space web layer underneath the cushions or sunpads. The space web layer gives a good air circulation and will avoid that the cushions will be laying in the water for a long time.
• In general you can say that Outdoor foam cushions usually remain functional and usable for about 5 years. However between the 3 and 5 years the resiliency of the foam will start to decrease.
• The Outdoor foam itself doesn’t need any maintenance.

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