Repair lexicon will give you all information we know about repair option for your mattress..

Our Clean your mattress only with a brush, do not beat or vacuum-clean it. Remove stains immediately with an appropriate stain remover. Work from the outside to the centre to avoid water stains. Carefully dab the stain with a sponge or absorbent paper. When needed we strongly recommend you to have cleaning done by specialised companies. Especially in case of house dust mite allergies.

Fitted bedsheets provide the mattress with an initial hygienic protection but mattresses must not be squeezed in any form by the use of undersized fitted bedsheets. Otherwise it will decrease in width and even more so in length and its corners will deform to a “rounded” shape. This happens when the sheets are bought too small, not high enough or when they have shrunk after washing. Even the occasional use of an undersized fitted bedsheet is enough to reduce the size of the mattress. If this happens the only thing you can try the following : seize the mattress on the foot end and, with the fingers of both hands, grasp the sides of the mattress and shake it briefly and forcefully in a “wavelike” manner towards the head end. Repeat this procedure. This may cause the mattress to regain its initial measurements to the greatest possible extent.

A very common problem on mattresses is mildew. For some beds where there are ventilation problems we suggest to install a ventilating underlay. Our underlay is made out of space web material is approx 1,5 cm height. It can be made in custom dimensions and can easily be installed underneath the mattress. The material is ventilating and will allow the air to circulate underneath the mattress.




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