Our lexicon will give you all information from A to Z, telling you things worth knowing about mattresses.Telstar Marine offers you a wide range of mattresses and toppers. Since Telstar Marine has its own production facility we are very flexible in customizing your needs. Any adjustment you have in mind can be discussed with our experts to give you just the mattress you are looking for. Last but not least our lexicon provides you with tips and directions on handling and care to make sure you will enjoy your Telstar Marine Mattress for as long as possible.

All our mattresses are foreseen with a Fire retardant and Anti-allergic base cloth.

A healthy bed climate is needed to create a relaxing sleep. Make sure your mattress is placed on a correct ground. This is key to provide adequate ventilation. An adequate ventilated mattress provides a constant air flow, giving the mattress that “clean sheet” feeling. If there is not enough ventilation your mattress can be infected with mildew/mold. This can easily be solved by placing a space web material underneath the mattresses. (see further details about this material at chapter Space web) The Telstar Marine mattresses are foreseen with special 3D fabrics with very thin wires that transports moisture very easily.

This 3D materials are installed at the bottom of the mattress and you will find it as pressure distribution on the pocket spring. Also all our mattresses are foreseen with a washable anti-allergic double cloth cover. This cover is blind tufted and completely removable by the 4 sides-zipper. This cover can be dry cleaned.

Clean your mattress only with a brush, do not beat or vacuum-clean it. Remove stains immediately with an appropriate stain remover. Work from the outside to the centre to avoid water stains. Carefully dab the stain with a sponge or absorbent paper. Ensure good ventilation. When needed we strongly recommend you to have cleaning done by specialised companies. Especially in case of house dust mite allergies. .

Cold foam is one of the finest foam qualities. A member of the polyether foam group, which are HR (highly resilient) foams meeting the highest quality requirements, other than standard foams. Our mattresses Nice – Imperia – Monte Carlo and our topper Marseille are made with Cold foam.

Since very high quality standards are applied in the selection of raw materials and fabrication to ensure sleep quality, a Telstar Marine mattress usually remains functional and usable well beyond what is recommended in terms of hygiene. After approximately 8-10 years the mattress should be replaced for hygienic reasons, since with an increasing number of years of use the question of mattress hygiene becomes ever more important. .

That a 10-year-old mattress (when used day to day) has remained in the bed for 87.600 hours (24 hours x 365 days x 10 years). In case we rest on the mattress for 8 hours per night, the total time amounts to 29.000 hours. (8 hours x 365 days x 10 years). Which means that we spend 3,33 years of these 10 years in bed. Based on a body weight of 80 kg, the mattress has sustained 292.000 kg which equals the weight of app. 50 elephants. During the night, a person's breath and skin evaporate app. 0,8 litres of moisture to the bed environment. Passing through the bed linen and sleepwear, 0,4 litres get through to the mattress; amounting to 1.460 litres of perspiration (0.4 litres x 365 days x 10 years) and filling 146 buckets, each holding 10 litres, or 7 bathtub fillings.

Fitted bedsheets provide the mattress with an initial hygienic protection. Total protection of the mattress, such as by air and water tight materials (plastic layered) , is not desirable because of the need of a functioning bed climate with air circulation and moisture removal. Telstar Marine has several mattress protection options. (See chapter “mattress protection”) .Since our mattresses are highly flexible the mattress must not be squeezed by the use of undersized fitted bedsheets. Otherwise it will decrease in width and even more so in length and its corners will deform to a “rounded” shape. This happens when the sheets are bought too small, not high enough or when they have shrunk after washing. Even the occasional use of an undersized fitted bedsheet is enough to reduce the size of the mattress.

Seize the mattress on the foot end and, with the fingers of both hands, grasp the sides of the mattress and shake it briefly and forcefully in a “wavelike” manner towards the head end. Repeat this procedure. This may cause the mattress to regain its initial measurements to the greatest possible extent.

Within the Telstar Marine collection we can offer you the following mattress protection items.Molton cover or molton sheet. These covers are stretched over the mattress for the purpose of hygienic protection. The covers will be made as a fitted sheet with elastic bands in the corners. Our molton protectors are all custom made to fit your mattress. The base material of the Molton protection cover is washable, breathable but is not absorbing any fluids.

Mattress protectors made out of our luxury double cloth base cover. This gives a much thicker layer then the regular molton. The production of this bed protector can be done as a fitted sheet or with only elastic bands on the corner that will go underneath the mattress.


In the Mattress Cartagena and in or topper Toulon there is memory foam added to the layering. Memory foam gives a smooth to medium firmness to the mattress and provides a good modulation to the body. Memory foam is a visco-elastic pressure reducing layer and it takes the pressure off of shoulders, hips, neck, nerves and muscles and is very effective for the blood flow.


In the pilling process, small fibre knots, or pills, are formed on the fabric surface of the mattress. Our ticking is manufactured with firmly fastened long-fibres with very well-rounded warps and wefts and with a high cloth density. Fitted bedsheets are often made particularly soft and skin-friendly by using loosely twisted yarns with short fibres. Due to the friction between ticking and fitted bedsheet, openly exposed fibres of the bedsheet stick to the ticking fibre. This can lead to pilling in which the excess fibres stick to the surface of the ticking. The deposit on the mattress may lead to the assumption that the mattress cover is defective.

Our Pocket spring mattresses, (Barcelona – Cartagena – La Spezia) the cylindrical springs are individually sewn into pockets. Based on the knowledge that an optimal sleep comfort in terms of body support and pressure compensation is achieved if the mattress is adjusted to the weight and weight distribution of the user, our pocket spring mattresses are manufactured in different formulas and models.


Our mattresses are available in the following international sizes;

All our mattresses are custom made at order. In addition to the above standard size mattresses we also manufacture made-to-measure mattresses, in every shape or size you require.

For some beds where there are ventilation problems we suggest to install a ventilating underlay. Our underlay is made out of space web material is approx 1,5 cm height. It can be made in custom dimensions and can easily be installed underneath the mattress. The material is ventilating and will allow the air to circulate underneath the mattress.


Talalay Latex is a natural product. Juices of the tropical rubber tree species in South America and Asia are the raw material for the natural Talalay latex. Talalay latex has an extremely high open cell structure and has a great drainage of moisture. It is very high in resilience and gives a great comfort.

Ticking is one of the hardest-wearing mattress cover materials used. All the Telstar Marine mattresses are covered with double cloth ticking.

Toppers may give an extra comfort to the individual well-being and provides an additional hygienic protection of the mattress. Within our collection we have 2 toppers.

Only lift, turn or carry the mattress at the aid of the side-grips.

When you have a Telstar Marine mattresses it is not needed to turn your mattress. We developed a mattress with the best materials on the market and unique ventilating materials that also distribute the moisture very well. This development was done because we were requested to make a lot of custom shaped mattresses. Most of the time these custom shape mattresses cannot be turned around. When you don’t have a Telstra Marine mattress we advise you to, when possible, turn the mattress approximately once per month along its longitudinal axis so that the load of the body's weight is evenly spread over the mattress.



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