fabric: indoor


The cure: Rinse immidiately with cold water, repeat until stain disappears. Never use warm water to treat blood stains, as this will worsen rather than remove stains.

The cure: Dab with white vinegar or alcohol.

The cure: Allow wax to harden. Peel off as much as possible. Cover with paper towel and iron with low/moderately heat, moving paper towel as needed to absorb excess wax. Repeat witrh clean paper until all wax is absorbed.

The cure: Dab the fabric on the reverse side on the stain with alcohol, then wash with liquid detergent.

The cure: These stains can be easily removed, providing the stains are treated immediately. First blot the stain, then treat with a mixture of warm water and detergent, followed by regular laundering instructions.

The cure: Fresh stains can de partly absorbed by dusting with flour or talc powder. Another way to tackle grease stains us to use an iron with absorbent paper, just as with wax.

The cure: Quickly bloth the stain to remove as much ofth ered wine as possible. Other possibilities are to pour white wine on the stain or to sprinklr with salt. Then rinse and wash.



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