Repair instructions for for a loop in terry cloth fabric.

Terrycloth, or toweling fabric is a fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water. It’s used often to prevent outdoor cushions and mattresses from becoming dirty. These covers will protect your soft furnishings and are easy to wash too.

Step 1: However it may occur that one of the loops of the Terry cloth gets caught and gets stretched out, out of the base cloth. If this happens; DON’T CUT OFF THE LOOP!

Step 2: Take a needle and put the loop thread through the hole of the needle.

Step 3: Then stick the needle from the front side through the Terry cloth fabric to the backside. It will bring the loop to the back side of the fabric where it can do no further harm.

Step 4: If needed you can use a drop of super glue to fixate the thread/loop. But in any case; DON’T CUT OFF THE LOOP  



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