Company Profile

Telstar Marine has been delivering high-quality, hard-wearing, tailor-made soft furnishings for ships for more than 50 years now. We combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques and we have a customer-oriented approach to business.

Over the years, we have specialized ourselves particularly on the production of total soft furnishings for super yachts. Besides the craftsmanship, the production of soft furnishings for yachts requires a knowledge of modern materials and techniques, experience and a sufficient production capacity and the highest level of attention to the delivery of a consistent quality.

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Innovative techniques and remote production

We use hard-wearing fabrics and materials, in which the latest technical innovations have been incorporated in terms of durability, color fastness, shape retention, comfort and cleaning options. Our production capacity enables us to cope with large production runs. The production process is flexible, which enables us to process a wide range of exclusive materials, non-standard shapes and big sizes.

The production of the soft furnishings used on ships involves customization from start to finish. A perfect fit and finishing are required. Armed with a digital technique developed by Telstar Marine we measure all the items and store the measurements and patterns in our digital archive.

By adding your soft furnishings to our digital archive, we are able to replace your cushions if they are lost or need to be replaced. Exactly the right size and without the need to repeat our measurements.

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Approach to business

At Telstar Marine, your ship and your wishes are always key. You will always have direct contact with your project coordinator, who will personally advise you and guide you through the entire production process. Our aim is to develop and maintain a long-term relationships with our customers and the employees and crew.