One of the biggest benefits of our refit department is that we developed an unique digital technique to measure and store all dimensions and patterns of your exterior furniture in our digital archive.
These measurements are needed for the following purposes;
• To make you a proper quotation and lead-time indication for your project.
• To use the digital file during the entire production process for quality control purposes.
• To replace your cushions if they are lost or need to be replaced .
• To provide you with a cutting pattern and paper pattern for each element when this is needed.
• To produce only new covers when you feel the need to update the look of your exterior.
The uniqueness of our program is that every detail will be filed and we can remote the production without taking new measurements on board. Exactly the right size and without the need to repeat our measurements and making additional expenses.


Types of cushions

We produce deck cushions and sun pads entirely in line with your wishes.
We produce cushions for:
• Build in sofa’s
• Loose standing items
• Custom made loose furniture pieces
• Loungers
All exterior cushions are made with a high quality finishing, all custom-made, hard-wearing and with the level of seating comfort required by the client.


About 10 years ago we started to work with a new outdoor foam , named Calipore.
The Outdoor Calipore foam won’t absorb any water unlike any other polyurethane foam. Because of this unique feature the foam will not develop any mildew. Our cushion fillings are customized to your particular needs. We have an extensive collection of high-quality and many density types to be able to select a filling that is in line with your comfort requirements. You can expect our cushions to retain their size and shape for a long time.

Basic cover

All our cushions are produced with a Telstar Marine basic cover. We decided to do this upon requests of captain and crew members. Because of the basic cover it will be easy for the crew to take out the cushion inlets when the covers need to be washed. The basic covers will always stay over the foam and don’t need to be taken off. 


Seats and backrests can be connected together with a nylon zipper. Zippers in the fabric cover will be placed around the corners so that the covers are easy removable for cleaning when needed.
At the bottom of the cushions we situate a mesh fabric for moisture regulation and it prevents the cushions from sliding. All seams of the cushions will be locked and all cushion covers will be labeled.


We only use high-quality outdoor fabrics for all outdoor areas. Outdoor fabrics are mostly made out of a solution dyed acrylic. Solution dyed acrylics are (salt) water-, chlorine- and sun resistant. Solution dyed acryl fabrics are easy to maintain and are mildew free.

Terry cloth covers

For your comfort and to prevent outdoor cushions and mattresses from becoming dirty we often supply toweling covers. These covers will protect your soft furnishings, enhance your comfort and you will find that they are easy to wash too. The accurate fit of the terry cloth covers guarantees your continued enjoyment of a beautiful exterior for the long-term, even when used intensively.

Telstar Marine prefers to work with their own toweling fabric. Our toweling fabric is made out of a 100% indanthrene dyed cotton that is much better resistant to sun light then regular cotton towel fabrics and therefore the discoloration of our cotton quality is less.

Sea fastening

When we are on site to take the digital measurement we will also discuss certain production details like how to sea fasten your cushions. All cushions will have fitting points to be agreed with captain or crew. Our fastening options are specially developed and has proved to be helicopter resistant.

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Coded cushions

All our cushions delivered will have labels stitched into the cover indicating the correct position of the cushions by a code. For example (MD-AFT-BACK1).
This code will be corresponding with your yachts floorplan.
All labels will also have a QR code.
In case you need information about this specific cushion or you need the cushion cover to be replaced you can make a picture with your phone and by scanning the QR code the address information for sending the question will be automatically indicated in your screen and the information request procedure has started. Requires the Telstar Marine App

Production Procedure

The steps from quotation to final delivery and installation of your exterior cushion refit
1. Take digital measurements on board. (free of charge)
2. Make a quotation and lead-time indication for your exterior refit.
3. Order placement and startup of production.
4. Delivery and installation on board.