A collaboration with the German Company Multiplex is like a match made in heaven!  Multiplex supplies a customized light weight composite solution for various area’s on luxury Yachts.
To give you an idea of the product range we made a selection of the following items:.

Sun Awning Systems

Sun Awning Systems; an easy way to install temporary sun awning system to give your yacht more shaded living space.

Multi guard platforms

Multi guard platforms: The special new dimension of making your gangway or other areas safe


Multi flap system

Multi flap system: The “multi flap” gangway is compatible with all individual needs and requirements and available in various designs.

Multi fender system

Multi fender system :The freely configurable, light weight shock absorber system.

Multi stair system

Multi stair system: The “multi stair” side boarding ladder is available in 2 basic types, to meet every individual requirement.

Multi ladder

Multi ladder: The “multilight” folding bathing ladder is available in different heights and widths; the “multi flipper” diving ladder is easily attached for ease of boarding. Send us your enquiries for exterior hardware items needed and we will find the right solution for your needs.