Beside the different mattresses that are part of the Telstar Marine Collection we can complete your needs by supplying you also the pillow inlets, the duvets , molton mattress protectors, bedlinen, towels and accessories. All items comply with our mattresses and stand for high quality and durability.

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Pillow inlets

We have selected different types and comforts for our pillows and duvets, all depending on your personal needs and wishes. A good pillow can contribute to waking up well rested. A good pillow should absorb the pressure of the body and evenly divide the force. All the nerves of the body run through the cervical vertebrae. It is therefore important that the neck and head are supported in the right way. Choose a pillow with the right support that will relax your neck muscles and vertebrae in a proper way. We have made a selection of pillows from anti-bacterial to 100% down qualities. Just have a look at our selection and let us know if you have any questions.



There are many materials to fill a duvet cover. From anti-bacterial to high luxury Cashmere and Pilsner down qualities. Of all qualities a down filling is the best to hold your body heat and the high quality down that we use has a very good moisture regulation. Our down filled duvets are light, smooth, comfortable and very durable.

The warmth requirement of a duvet varies from person to person. That is why there are different heat classes, which can give you a guidance in determining your choice.
Class 1: For sleeping in a cold room or if you are very sensitive to cold.
Class 2: Average insulation, Most suggested quality.
Class 3: For sleeping in a warm room.
Class 4: Real summer Duvet, optimum comfort in warm nights.


Pillow protectors

In some cases our clients require a pillow protector for hygiene purposes. This protector can easily be washed. We offer 2 pillow protectors.
• Woven flannel of 100% cotton / PU laminated.
• Woven flannel of 100% cotton / double face.



For the bed linen we have selected 4 qualities of a high standard 100% cotton that are easily washable and with various thread count . All items comply with our mattresses and stand for high quality and durability.
Beside these 4 qualities we also offer a bespoke line. Each project can be highly customized to satisfy any demand, combining different fabrics and finishing.
We offer details like ruffles, borders, hems, piping details, buttons, relief and decorative stitching and custom made embroideries.


Telstar Marine can realize your custom color stitching, logo stitching or any detail embroidery on linen, cotton, terry cloth or any fabric you would desire. This personal touch is very often used for the bedlinen and towels used on board.


Mattress protectors

Our mattress protectors are made out of an antibacterial, hypoallergenic fabric. The mattress protectors have a padded and quilted top. We have 2 models of protection covers. The top layer is lined with 600 grams of wool, cotton and Dacron. The protectors can be washed.

• Protection cover that can be connected to the mattress by elastic bands.
• Protection cover made as a fitted sheet.