Telstar Marine can provide you with luxury mattresses. Our mattress enable you to relax comfortably and in style. A mattress needs to fit well, be of a good quality and be finished with attention to detail. We produce our mattresses in house so we can adept the mattress to any size and shape.

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You will be pleasantly surprised about the range of Telstar Marine mattresses. Our range offers different types of comfort, from firm mattresses to soft mattresses and anything in-between.
By using a mix of materials such as pocket springs, comfort foam, Talalay latex, 3d Fiber and double knitted covers we can construct mattresses for every comfort required. Visit our mattresses page.



Ventilation is one of the most important and often neglected things when we talk about mattresses.
An adequate ventilated mattress provides a constant airflow. The Telstar Marine mattresses are provided with special 3D fabrics with very thin wires that transports moisture very easily. This feature gives the mattress a so called “clean sheet” feeling. A mattress that is not ventilated in the correct way can create mildew/mold.

Knitted double cloth cover

All Telstar Marine mattresses are finished with a luxurious double cloth cover. This cover is lined with 600 grams of woll, cotton and dacron. The covers are fitted with a border and have a bottom with anti slip. The cover is blind tufted and completely removable by the 4 sided zipper. The cover can be dry cleaned, is fire retardant and anti-allergic.


Memory foam

In the Mattress Cartagena there is memory foam added to the layering.
Memory foam gives a smooth to medium firmness to the mattress and provides a good modulation to the body. Memory foam is a visco-elastic pressure reducing layer and it takes the pressure off of shoulders, hips, neck, nerves and muscles and is very effective for the blood flow.



Talalay latex

Latex is a natural product. Juices of the tropical rubber tree species in South America and Asia are the raw material for the natural Talalay latex.
Talalay latex has an extremely high open cell structure and has a great drainage of moisture, is very high in resilience and gives a great comfort.


Beside the mattresses Telstar Marine offers also a range of custom made toppers. The toppers can be made with a cold foam interior or a Memory foam interior and are always finished with our luxury double cloth cover fabric.


3D Spaceweb

For some beds where there are ventilation problems we suggest to install a ventilating underlay.
Our underlay is made out of space web material is approx 1,5 cm height. It can be made in custom dimensions and can easily be installed underneath the mattress. The material is ventilating and will allow the air to circulate underneath the mattress.